Slurpee Unity Tour

You know President Obama is affecting job growth when he personally, and almost overnight, gets you a two week, cross-country web series.

That’s right, we’re on the road again with 7-11 and Slurpees on the Slurpee Unity Tour 2010. The idea is this: A few days ago, President Obama suggested that he would meet with Majority Leader Boehner — working off of a previous joke Obama made about Republicans standing on the sidelines and drinking slurpees — a reporter asked Obama if this would be a “Slurpee Summit.” To which he replied. “A Slurpee Summit. Yeah, I like that.”

And so did 7-11. Offering to cater the November 18th meeting between Obama and Boehner with their new Purple for the People slurpee.

Where do we come in? I think it’s telling that the web series genre is growing when a highly-publicized campaign of this level hires a production company that specializes in creating branded content online to put a face on the entire thing. Our job is, as it was with the 7-11 Road Trip Rally, to shoot, edit, and release daily episodes of our host, Mike McLendon, as he travels from Dallas to DC, delivering slurpees, doing crazy things for unity (like riding a merman horse to deliver a slurpee to the Governor of Missouri), and spreading unity across the country.

We’re on the road for two weeks, and, we hope, it will all culminate with us delivering the slurpee to President Obama and Republican Majority Leader Boehner for their November 18th meeting — their Slurpee Summit.

So far, I kind of feel like we’re on a campaign trail, but it’s been fun, intense and is only going to get crazier. If you guys want to support us, you can go to the Facebook page for the campaign: and also keep up with our YouTube page for not only the episodes but behind-the-scenes footage of the tour too (it’s going to go across all video sites shortly — not just YouTube).

Thanks, all!

Here’s episode three, my favorite one so far: