So, you know how I keep mentioning that we’re trying to make a new show, and something about Mark Gantt, and things like that?

Well, now I have an explanation!

The show is called LoveMakers — it’s written by Vlad and I, and starring Mark Gantt (Bannen Way), and half the Break a Leg actors — Alexis Boozer, Daniela DiIorio, Drew Lanning, Flynn Kelleher and myself.

Right now, this is our baby, our passion project. We’re furiously (with great force and anger) pitching it to multiple places and feel great about it. Right now, the site is up and it has the promo as well as the basic pitch behind it.

We hope you like it! Check it out and tell us what you think! Also, most importantly, pass it on to EVERYONE!

Thanks all!