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Producing a Web Series: Building a Show From Page 1 to Final Cut

For those keeping very careful track of my life (mom, dad), you might know that Leap Year has received a second season. I’m going to blame not updating my blog to that, but it’s mostly that my blog is like a relationship I’ve gotten into that’s moving too fast: I put in a lot of work, then I get overwhelmed and try not to look at it while pretending everything is okay.

But I digress — I’m back, Leap Year is back, and this time around, I’m going to try really, really hard to take you through the process, from pre-production, to production (writing my blog during production? Good luck, me, I say, good luck), to post-production. I figure this will give you (mom, dad) some insight on what it takes to put together an online series.

I’ll keep these blogs short, so you don’t hate reading them and I don’t die writing them.

I’ll give you this chance to leave me any questions you might have about the process. I’d love to hear them and I’ll try to answer them as best I can. Remember, Leap Year is about people starting their own small business — it’s about how hard you have to work, to fight, to bleed for the thing you want to create. It’s very similar to not only my own production company (a small business), but to most of the people who read this blog. The goal, then, is to help and teach through my own experiences in this world.

So, again, question away, and stay tuned for my next blog, coming sooner than this one did, which will talk about the writing process for the show!

Thanks for reading, YuriBaranovskians (it’ll catch on)!

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I am a writer, director, producer and co-founder of HLG Studios.

7 thoughts on “Producing a Web Series: Building a Show From Page 1 to Final Cut

  1. So glad to see another post! (I was beginning to think that something terrible happened to my favorite independant writer/producer/acter person)! I’ll be looking forward to more episodes of Leap year (with more wonderful break a leg references). Would it be a bad time to ask for that giant Misfits poster that is behind Brynn’s desk with all of your autographs? (yes…I am a highly dedicated and slightly obsessed fan)

  2. So glad to hear you guys got picked up! I now have the Internets at my house, so I can actually watch your shtuff!

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