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The Greatest Channukah Video You Will Ever See

Okay, so I like grand titles.

To those of you who aren’t Jews — today is the first day of Channukah. You’ve heard of it before — it’s that one that lasts 8 days, has candles and is killing Christmas.

Anyway! In celebration of the first day, I have decided to post a video we did for Channukah a few years back that takes place in the Break a Leg world. This was a favorite among our fans at the time and one of our favorites as well. Ironically, it kind of fits the writing blog below (or at least the one about being a bad writer), so, check it out and happy candle-lighting!

Pass it on!

Oh, and by the way guys — feel free to follow me on Twitter (@YuriBaranovsky) — it’s where I update everyone about new blogs and try to be very funny about things in my life. Very, very funny.


Angela Pallari

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I am a writer, director, producer and co-founder of HLG Studios.

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Channukah Video You Will Ever See

  1. i haven’t seen this video in such a long time, yet i can still recite half of the lines. it’s so good.

    and the “tavel moz, heey!” still makes me laugh out loud.


    Hey Yuri, guess what, I just got one of them Roku things (for Chanukah!), and Break a Leg and Temp Life are both on it!! You’re ALL OVER my television!!

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