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About Me

Hi. My name is Yuri Baranovsky and I am a writer, director, producer, sometimes-actor and co-founder of Happy Little Guillotine Studios. If you're looking for the other Yuri Baranovsky -- the famous coal miner who found that time portal in Ecuador -- I am not him. I'm just a regular guy, who makes up stories about time travelling coal miners.

Please enjoy my site -- there are videos. There are blogs that I write in inconsistently, in bursts of neurotic energy. There is a page where you can contact me and we can talk and work together and discuss life. Or, you can not enjoy my site and go outside, frolic, really drink up the world, you know? It's really up to you.

Either way, hey. I'm Yuri. Nice to meet you.

P.S. This page is super under construction. Don't judge me.

A Breakdown of What I Do

What am I? What do I do? And most importantly, how do I explain that in a neat percentage breakdown? Why, with a completely useless, arbitrary percentage graph that came programmed into this WordPress site!

Oh, yeah. This is a wordpress site. You don’t see website building in the chart, do you?!

Writing: 83%
83% Complete
Directing: 82%
82% Complete
Making Meaningless Graphs: 93%
93% Complete
Not Knowing How Percentages Work: 210%
210% Complete

Any idiot can make up a motivational quote.

Yuri Baranovsky, Writer

Sure, it was a deep coal mine. But at least I found that time portal.

Yuri Baranovsky, Coal Miner